How to make a great `About Us` page

Our guide on how to make a great `About Us` page for your company website.

One of the first thing your website visitors do, is to evaluate how trustworthy your company is. One of the key factors to determine that is the information about your company available on your website. The `About Us` is the first thing they will look for. This guide will provide examples, tips and advice on how to build trust with your audience by creating the perfect `About Us` page.


your physical presence


contact and support availability


the people working in your company and their profile


date, and story.


customer testimonials, preferable verified, facebook page or a testimonial tool


any social presences, including Twitter and activity

Website copy

grammar and spelling, how sales-y your homepage is


any official partnerships where other companies vouch for you

Posted by Yvo Schaap op 24 august 2018

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