Stop wasting valuable development time on maintaining your team page

Have Teampage™ empower your company's team page

An up-to-date team page is crucial for your business

We can make yours effortless to maintain

  • Meet the team

    Showcase the people powering your business, crucial for existing recruitment efforts.

  • The right people in control

    Have HR or management be in control and push team mutations instantly live from our easy dashbord.

  • Reduce costs

    No more valuable development time spend on keeping up with organisational team changes.

  • Seamless integration

    Teampage™ integrates seamlessly with your existing website design. A one-time setup, and future changes will be effortless.

Your team page empowered by us

A story about why your team page is good, but needs be accurate and up-to-date. Because potential candidates are watching. Don't let potential candidates get scared off by out-of-date team information. It wastes the money you spend on recruitment. So you need to spend time on it. But don't bug your developers with time consuming copy changes.

Teampage™ will provide you:

  • Dashboard with an easy interface for team management.
  • Custom designs to modify the team page to match your existing or our default designs.
  • Custom presentation decide what you want to show about your employees.
  • Embed which is optimized for fast loading and easy integration.

Put your team page in our hands

For 29 EUR / month or 250 EUR / year

Risk free, 60-day money back. Unlimited e-mail support. 99.9% uptime SLA.

Let us convince you:

  • Why should I pay for Teampage™?
    You are spending money on recruitment, but would you work at a company with an out-of-date team page? You are spending money on website development, but why have your developers be distracted by copy changes. Teampage™ costs are easily offset by obtaining that single candidate that got excited by browsing around your team page.
  • Why wouldn't my developers just handle this?
    They could of course. But development time is limited and valuable, and should be spend on things you can't out source. Your team page is perfect to be outsourced to us.
  • How does this integrate into my site?
    ... you setup a template, embed a js snippet. example site
  • What kind of support do you provide?
    ... made for self-serve. Unlimited email support
  • Can I talk to a sales representative?
    ... call
  • List the features you provide?
    • Team management (add, edit, positioning)
    • Custom team member template (fields, details)
    • Multiple user management (rights, admin, view, invite)
    • Embed (custom styling and templating)
    • Technical ssl, responsive, cdn
    • Multi-language
    • Photo cropping and filters (upcoming)
    • Details import from Linkedin (upcoming)
    • We're hiring CTA (upcoming)
  • What do I get after signing up?
    ... features, support