Create the perfect company team page

Build customer trust. Showcase your team.

The best team page app for smart companies

  • Meet the team

    Showcase the people powering your company, crucial for building trust with your audience.

  • Effortless to maintain

    Allow anyone in your company to be in control and push team changes instantly live from our dashboard.

  • Reduce costs

    No more valuable development time spend on keeping up with organisational team changes.

  • Seamless integration

    Teampage integrates seamlessly with your existing website design. A one-time setup, enables all Teampage features.

A beautiful, customizable team page app.

Build trust with your audience (customers, business partners and potential hires) with a beautiful team page that showcases your team. Teampage provides a complete team page management solution for creating an amazing team page.

Teampage features:

  • An intuitive dashboard for complete team management.
  • Integrated within your website by adding only two lines of code.
  • Matches the design of your website, with the ability to fine-tune all HTML and CSS.
  • Complete control on what and how you want to showcase your team.
  • Team import & export and many more features to never worry about your team page again...

Read our guides on how to create the perfect team page for your company and what a great about us page should feature 👉.

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Do you need more convincing?

  • What does Teampage do?
    Teampage has two parts: (1) an embed that you place in your existing team or about page which loads and presents your team. And the other part (2) is the Teampage dashboard where you can manage (add, edit and remove) team members and control the design and presentation. Teampage makes it easy to create an amazing team page.
  • Why do I need Teampage?
    Showing who works at your companys is proven to build trust with your audience (customers, business partners, or hires). Showcase your team properly with Teampage.
  • Why should I pay for Teampage?
    Maintaining a team page demands technical resources, by outsourcing the technical aspects you free up time with your developers, allowing them to spend it on more importants tasks.
  • But I don't see much traffic to my existing team page...
    We found that the about and team pages are visited by high value audience, think of your customers, business partners, potential hires, investors and of course your own employees. Quality over quantity, where you can rely on Teampage to take care of building trust with that audience .
  • Why couldn't my developers just maintain the team page?
    They could of course. But development time is limited and valuable, and should be spend on things you can't outsource. Your team page is perfect to be outsourced to us.
  • Teampage vs. Wordpress/CMS plugin?
    Wordpress is a great tool for publishing. But our tool is optimized to create the perfect team page, which is easy to maintain. It also provides you unique features that are not available in generic CMS tools.
  • For what size companies is Teampage optimized?
    Our customers range from companies between 3 up to 80 team members. We're working on features to support larger businesses (sync, search, API, etc.)
  • How does this integrate into my site?
    You have complete control over what you display about your team, and how. You can either embed our Javascript snippet or use our Cloudflare Worker script, which allows you to serve your team page with static html. For technical details review documentation.
  • What kind of support do you provide?
    Teampage is easy to use and offered as a self-service solution. We provide unlimited technical email support, and have offer a free team page migration when you add payment details to your account.
  • Can I talk to a sales representative?
    Yes, request a demo and a representative will get in touch.
  • Will this make my team page GDPR compliant?
    We're testing a complete set of features to make your team page GDPR compliant. This includes downloadable agreements, team and employee data controls, and obtaining permissions for publicating photos, names, and other personal information. Contact support to opt-in.