Meet our team

Teampage is build by the following amazing people:


  • Yvo Schaap
    Yvo loves to build software. He adopted the 4-hour work week motto to focus his time on family, of which he is proudest of his two offspring: Boris and Milou.
  • Emiel Janson
    Emiel is an amazing freelance designer, previously for Tidal and Blendle. Emiel loves clean design with lots of white space.
  • Berin Catic
    Berin is a freelance illustrator whom made the homepage illustrations. He got started on making the `amazing` team page promise a reality.


  • Annemiek
    Annemiek has joined Teampage to help with support. She loves to meet new people, and solve their issues. Great qualities for a support role!
  • You?
    Join Teampage - and build amazing team pages together.

Our Story

When I (Yvo) was the CTO of The Netherlands’ largest property portal our development team was lean, and our ideas were big. That forced us to focus our development resources on our highest priority tasks: the quarterly next big thing or things that completely broke down.

We tried to make time for less urgent tasks when we could, but because the devs picked those tasks themselves, relatively more boring tasks were easily skipped over.

One of those recurring boring (yet imho important) tasks that kept being queued-up and also re-appeared frequently in the backlog were changes to our company team page.

With Teampage, we help companies serve beautiful team pages, effortlessly. By investing in showcasing their team properly (making employees proud), we’re also clearing the dev backlog (making the developers happy) and have no more worries of serving out-of-date information on the team page (management and HR happy).

We did a early-launch in June '18, and will take in all feedback from potential customers. Our common vision is to help companies to celebrate the people that power their business...

Teampage is a property by Ymedia Webprojecten B.V. registered at Overtoom 141, 1054 HG, Amsterdam (The Netherlands).